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Par Excellence Management Consulting was established to provide location analysis, strategic planning, market analysis, competitor analysis, and insightful business planning and reporting to businesses.  Our company has over 35 years experience in strategic planning, geo-marketing, marketing research, business development, forecasting, site selection, spatial analysis, customer and prospect analytics, data mining, economic analysis, and Finance&Accounting working with mainly Fortune 500 companies and medium to small businesses.  We've also worked with dozens of startups providing necessary research to guide their strategies.  Not only can we help you determine what parts of your business requires analysis, but we will analyze your data and develop sales, marketing or financial strategies, and provide sound recommendations for your implementation.  Many of our clients are international as well as domestic in scope. 

We use scientific methodologies, along with the latest technology, to improve our business solutions. We take your data and provide our clients with the greatest amount of information in an efficient, easy to use format for better decision making.  The format of deliverables may consist of powerpoint presentations which incorporate research summarized into Excel or Tableau tables and charts, a customized map of your company's assets and customers and demographics at the block group level, or it may be a written document such as a a business plan, or a regression analysis summarizing a predictive model for store sales.  Strategic planning can maximize your company's resources and minimize overall costs by efficiently and effectively utilizing your company's resources.  

Our Goals

  • To help clients grow their business with new locations 
  • To help clients improve sales of existing locations
  • To help clients optimize a network of clinics to maximize profitability
  • To help clients increase sales and profitability. 
  • To provide the best research and advanced analytics
  • To provide clients with well thoughtout strategy recommendations